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Not that many Brands can say "Designed in LA and proudly made in LA" but we can! Based in Los Angeles California, our family factory has been manufacturing premium clothing for over 30+ years, with that being said it is safe to say we are definitely rooted in the fashion industry. We aim to be as sustainable as possible by using innovative eco-friendly technology. Our goal is always to produce premium quality and reduce waste.

Not only do we go above and beyond fair labor standards and always being mindful of Mama Earth, we are proud to say we are also giving back to the community! (Calvin Preston Foundation & One Tree Planted).


We only work with LA factories that have safe work environments, fair employee standards because they are family. We make sure that suppliers meet our standards for our social responsibility guidelines and work with non-toxic materials. 

Supply Chain

Our manufacturing process is proudly all made in Los Angeles because we value that work of premium quality. Which quality control is better managed when produced locally in Los Angeles. Compared to many other brands who manufacture overseas.

Zero waste is our goal

We re-use our scraps from samples and production and we are planning a special project. Coming soon!


Proudly processed in a dye facility that is certified and recognized for complying with U.S EPA and sanitation districts of LA county’s industrial wastewater discharge limited and requirements.. that’s a HUGE DEAL!



We carefully select our fabric suppliers. Our mills are: BCI cotton certified, comply with all regulations for sanitation, workspace and our guidelines for a quality product.
The dyeing stage of the textile (fabric roll) uses a lot of energy and water. This can also expose fabric to chemicals that we don't want on our bodies. We care about that stuff so we partnered with mills that take the extra initiative.

Less Water

We use 95% less water compared to the conventional fabric finishing process.


Our luxurious lightweight 4.2 oz 100% cotton items are responsibly sourced from LA.

Coming soon!


This is re-purposed, post-industrial or post-consumer cotton that would otherwise be deemed straight up: waste for the landfill. For example, imagine a factory that cuts patterns for clothing out of big sheets of fabric and has all the in-between pieces to discard. The scraps of such cut and sew facilities are post-industrial cotton “waste” that have the capacity to be recycled. Depending on how recycled cotton is used, it has the potential to greatly reduce water and energy consumption in sustainable fashion and apparel, as well as reduce landfill waste and space. 


The Better Cotton Initiative is a non-profit that promotes better standards in cotton farming and practices across 21 countries. As of 2017, Better Cotton accounts for 14% of global cotton production


This is produced from synthetic fibers. However, instead of utilizing new materials to craft the fabric , recycled polyester makes use of existing plastic.. in our case plastic water bottles.



All of our hangtags are responsibly sourced and are printed using vegetable ink. 


Our buttons and rivets are 100% sustainable. Our trims mill strives to use zero impact technology which creates a unique metal finish look. No harmful synthetic materials are being used and our hardware can be recycled.


We use cork for our labels which is way more sustainable and durable than your conventional leather label. Our woven labels and care labels are responsibly sourced.


We wrap your orders using 100% recycled kraft paper and use our biodegradable mailer to ship. Our packaging is plastic free! 



We use low impact and non-toxic chemicals to dye our garments. Most of our eco-friendly dyes are approved by bluesign. 


We use a machine that takes O2 and adds one more molecule of oxygen creating O3 to bleach down and clean our garments instead of using bleach.  


So outdated.. we don't use toxic chemicals. Buh bye. 

Social Change

For every sale we contribute $1 to the Calvin Preston foundation. The Calvin Preston Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps underprivileged families with children battling cancer.

Our products plant trees. We have partnered with OTP to combat deforestation. At checkout customers have the option to plant a tree with their products. Isn't that awesome!